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Beauty Forum is on PINTEREST!

Do you love Pinterest? WE DO! 

We’re just getting started, but we’re so excited to be on Pinterest!

We’ve started a Beauty Forum Pinterest to keep the Beauty Ideas flowing! Make sure to follow us so we can follow your Beauty boards and share all of your inspiration with all of our readers.

We think this is a great platform to expand Beauty Forum through because it allows us to interact with all of you, which is why we started Beauty Forum in the first place. We want to inspire each other to live a more beautiful life. I know we all love getting a beauty recommendation from a friend, right? 

Here’s that link again:

Plus, if you’re a Pinterest addict like the rest of us BF girlies, here are our personal Pinterest links: 



So let’s get to pinning and making Pinterest a gorgeous place! 

Stay beautiful,

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Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Palette Combinations

Anonymous asked beautyforum: So I gave in and I got the urban decay 15th anniversary pallet! I LOVE their pallets, and have a few, but this one is great. I know you have it Danielle, can you offer guidance on what colors you’ve played with, or matched together within the pallet? Thank you, love the forum!

Hello lovely, Hannah and I have been absolutely loving our Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palettes for the fun versatility in looks that we’re able to create! We’re gonna both break down some of our favorite combos that we’ve been matching using this amazing palette. If you’d like some more info on the UD 15 Year Anniversary palette, check out our post!


  • Flow, Vanilla, and Deep End: Flow all over the lid, Vanilla in the inner corner/browbone, and Deep End on the lower waterline. (This look was featured on BF complete with pictures of me wearing it here.)
  • Chase, Deeper, and M.I.A.: Chase all over the lid, Deeper in the crease, and MIA in the outer v/crease.
  • Midnight Rodeo, Deeper, and Flow: Flow all over the lid, Midnight Rodeo and Deeper mixed in the crease.
  • Deeper, Chase, and Junkshow: Deeper and Chase mixed all over the lid, Deeper in the crease, and Junkshow on the upper lash line.


  • Tainted, Junkshow, Midnight 15, and Chase: Tainted on the inner lid, Junkshow on the center/outer lid, Midnight 15 on the inner half of the crease and Chase on the outer corner/crease. (This look was featured in July on BF complete with pictures of Hannah wearing it here.)

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Urban Decay NAKED vs. NAKED2 Comparison

jennyberra asked: Hey ladies! You can save this question until your Naked 2 palettes come in Hannah and Danielle, but which of the two Naked palettes is better do y’all think? I figured I’d ask the experts at Beauty Forum if you like one better than the other :) Let me know what y’all think!

This comparison has been highly anticipated and we’re finally ready to share our thoughts now that the palette will soon be available in stores at Sephora and Ulta, as well as Urban Decay online. If you don’t know the story, Hannah and I bought the NAKED2 for each other as our Christmas presents. The NAKED2 went live for a limited supply, Hannah called me, two minutes later we pressed submit on our cart on the Urban Decay website, and we never looked back! I don’t think there’s ever been a palette as hyped as the Urban Decay NAKED palette, so it’s no surprise they followed it up with a “sequel” of sorts called the NAKED2. 

(A top/bottom comparison with the NAKED2 on top and the NAKED on bottom)

(A comparison of the included brushes. The top brush comes with the Naked Palette, the bottom brush comes with the Naked2 Palette.) 

NAKED ($48)

  • 12 Full Size Shadows ($204 value for shadows alone/$17 each)
  • Mirrored case made of velvety cardboard packaging
  • 5 Exclusive Shadows (Virgin, Sidecar, Buck, Darkhorse, and Creep)
  • Range of finishes in lighter neutrals, bronzes, and smokey colors
  • Also includes travel size Urban Decay Primer Potion (.13 fl oz) and Good Karma Shadow Brush (available here/$26)

(From left to right: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, and Gunmetal)

NAKED2 ($50)

  • 12 Full Size Shadows ($204 value for shadows alone/$17 each)
  • Mirrored metal tin that snaps closed; sturdy and heavier
  • 5 Exclusive Shadows (Booty Call, Tease, Busted, Pistol, and Snakebite; Foxy is a repromote)
  • Range of finishes in taupe, greige, and warm smokey colors
  • Also includes travel sized Lip Junkie lipgloss in Naked (.11 fl oz/available in full size) and double ended Good Karma Shadow and Crease Brush (exclusive)

(From left to right: Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol, Verve, YDK, Busted, and Blackout)

The Breakdown: Both of these palettes contain gorgeous, soft, smooth, great quality neutral eyeshadows as you can see in the swatches above. It really comes down to preference because in my opinion, you don’t need both for your collection. After using the NAKED for over a year now and the NAKED2 for over a month, I can honestly say color wise, I reach for my NAKED2 much more. Hannah and I definitely share a love for our taupey shades in the NAKED2 which definitely lacked in the NAKED, so we both like the NAKED2 best. The NAKED2 has a more concentrated selection of lighter and medium neutral shades which I tend to prefer for my eyes. The NAKED has a wider range of colors from lighter to mediums to really smokey shades. Don’t get me wrong, the NAKED2 has the potential for a variety of looks as well and it has a matte black. It really comes down to what you like to use on your eyes. In terms of the brushes, the brush from the original Naked palette is a great basic shadow brush, whereas the double ended brush in the Naked two offers you a smaller shadow brush for packing on color and a blending brush or crease brush on the other end. This is a great value, and the brushes are all great quality. We wouldn’t pick either palette based on the brushes though!  As you can see, both palettes contain the shadow, Half Baked, a medium matte shade - Buck & Tease, a light shimmer highlight - Virgin & Bootycall. Once again, BF cannot choose the right palette for you, we just presented you with the facts and swatches about both amazing palettes, now it’s up to you to decide which will suit you more! I can promise whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed in the least! :)

Quick Pros and Cons For Original Naked: 
Pros: More Range, Better Smokey and Highlight
Cons: No matte black, less medium shades

Quick Pros and Cons For Naked2:
Pros: Double ended brush, more matte shades, matte black, taupe shades, great medium shades
Cons: Less range, less highlighting/dark  

Love, Danielle and Hannah 

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Video Wednesday featuring the Maybelline Eyestudio 24 Hour Color Tattoos

Hi beauties! I’ve been really excited to see that lately a lot of tutorials from my favorite gurus are using my favorite Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoos. If you haven’t heard of these incredible cream shadows, you need to check out our review here. They’re absolutely worth picking up especially if you’ve been lusting after a MAC Paint Pot. They are a great drugstore alternative that I almost prefer because I love the shade selection. There’s something really exciting about having the actual products that gurus use in their tutorials, for me anyway. These three tutorials use two of my absolute favorite shades (Tough as Taupe & Bad to the Bronze). They’re both great, versatile, everyday shades that pair well with lots of neutral looks. Definitely check out these tutorials if you want to see just how great these colors look on your eyes and how you can use them best!

Sofia Vergara’s Golden Globes Simple Smoky Makeup Tutorial- MakeupbyTiffanyD (using Bad to the Bronze)

Coral Kiss: A Tutorial- Amarixe (using Tough as Taupe)

Aria- Pretty Little Liars Makeup Tutorial- LegallyBrunette214 (using Bad to the Bronze)

SWAK - Danielle

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The Low Down on Lip Stains

I decided to expand this question to include high end lip stains as well because I do believe that lip/cheek stains are a great investment because they can be multipurpose product that will last a long time! Lip Stains are a great product to have in your makeup collection because they’re long wearing and pigmented. They are perfect for special events like school dances, weddings, etc. Great lip stains don’t need extra touching up throughout the day making them ideal in those situations. 


  • Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain- These are most inexpensive and readily available drugstore lip stains that work really well. There is a great shade range of 10 different colors depending on what you’re looking for! These also have a balm on the bottom for moisturizing throughout the day. ($8.99)
  • mark Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stain- These aren’t found at a local drugstore because they are mark by Avon, but I included them because of their low price and amazing quality! Seventeen raved about these and it makes sense why. These are super glossy and not drying at all which makes them ideal for long days and lots of pictures!
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams- If you know Hannah and I at all, you know our serious obsession with these. While they’re not labeled as lip stains, per say, they work the same in my opinion. They are a hybrid lipstick, lip gloss-esque formula that dries matte, but still moisturized. It’s awesome! They’re really smooth and great for all day wear because they last and they’re so pigmented in 11 gorgeous shades. NYX has also just released a brand new Xtreme Lip Cream that is supposed to be even more pigmented than the Soft Matte Cremes, so we can’t wait to try those out!

High End:

  • Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Tint- These are soooo fabulous! I can’t even explain how in love with these chubby twist up pencils I am. They make your lips appear fuller and give you a gorgeous natural flush. They also come in matte shades giving you even more options for colors. The set of five below is a great deal at only $29, a $210 value.
  • Benefit Benetint- This should be no surprise because Benetint is so popular in the beauty world. It gives the perfect glow to either your lips or your cheeks! This original is a great rosy color, but Benefit also has tints in a pinkier shade, Posietint and a mango tint, Cha Cha Tint. If you’re interested, Benetint also comes in a lipgloss type container with a Benetint wand on one end and a clear gloss on the other called the Pocket Pal

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Spring Polish Preview Part Two: Essie

Essie tends to be pretty in pastels, but this spring packs a punch too!  Are you ready for these gorgeous collections? 

First up is the Navigate Her Collection- 


{From left to right the colors are: Navigate Her, A Crewed Interest, To Buy or Not to Buy, Tour de Finance, Ole Caliente, and Orange it’s Obvious} 

This should be out in February 2012.

These swatches are from a great nail polish blog, The PolishAholic

{Colors on bottle!}

This should be available soon, the information out is a little spotty. 

For swatches click here.

Do you love Essie? Which of these are you dying to pick up? 

Stay beautiful,


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Statement Lips: Red

Red should be a staple lip color in every girl’s makeup collection. It’s the perfect power color to boost your confidence in any situation. Red is always in style or in season, so finding your perfect shade is worth the effort. Beauty Forum addressed that here. Red is also going to be a big deal for Spring, so you’ll definitely want to grab that shade for your statement lip to go with a great thick black liner. Here’s some great choices:


SWAK - Danielle

See Statement Lips: Fuchsia/Hot Pink

See Statement Lips: Coral/Orange

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Statement Lips: Orange/Coral


I love the way that orange/coral lips look for the spring and summer! They make a fabulous addition to a glowy sunkissed face. It’s also a very unexpected pop of color that makes any look. Orange and Coral shades can be great for everyday without being too over powering. It’s also a great way to incorporate Pantone’s Color of the Year: Tangerine Tango. Try any of these options below for a great lip.


See Statement Lips: Fuchsia/Hot Pink

See Statement Lips: Red

SWAK - Danielle

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Hi beauties, please bear with us right now while we’re making some wonderful changes and progress for the new year! We’re playing around with a new layout and getting super excited about some great plans we have!! Get excited because Hannah and I definitely are. :)

Thank you for your continued support of Beauty Forum! It’s always greatly appreciated.

SWAK - Danielle